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By MED Liqueur

The Rules

1. Eligibility: Participants must be of legal drinking age in the competition location.


2. Registration: Participants must register for the competition within the specified deadline (02/02/2024 - 14/02/2024 and provide all necessary information.


3. Recipe Submission: Participants must submit their Margarita variation cocktail recipe along with a detailed description and presentation of their drink. Recipes must include a minimum of 2 ingredients and no more than 5 max ( including the garnish, with a preference for sustainable garnish)


4. Ingredients: Participants must use the specified Med Orange Liqueur, which is the sponsor of this competition in their cocktail recipes. They can use any brand of tequila or mezcal. If a homemade ingredient is used in their Margarita recipe, the participants must bring it with them in case of qualification for the finals.


5. Presentation: Participants must present their cocktail in a creative and attractive manner, showcasing their skills and knowledge of mixology to judges. The available time each competitor has is 10 minutes 


6. Judging Criteria: Participants will be judged on various criteria including taste, creativity, presentation, and overall impression.


7. Conduct: Participants must conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner throughout the competition.


8. Compliance: Participants must comply with all competition rules and regulations, as well as any local alcohol laws and regulations.


9. Promotion: Participants may be required to promote the competition and their participation through social media or other marketing channels.


10. Prize Acceptance: Participants must agree to accept any prizes awarded to them and participate in any related publicity or promotional activities.


11. Good Sportsmanship: Participants must exhibit good sportsmanship and respect towards other competitors and judges.


12. Disqualification: Participants may be disqualified for any violation of the competition rules or for any behavior deemed inappropriate or unethical.


13. Contact Information: If you are unable to locate Med Liqueur, please contact us at or for guidance.

14. Finals: We will closely examine your recipes and select 8 of them to be presented live at Barro Negro on Tuesday, February 20th, in front of our internationally renowned judges on the panel. There will be 3 winners announced!

How to

When submitting a cocktail recipe for a competition, it's important to provide a detailed and well-crafted recipe along with a compelling story or description of the drink.

1. Name of the Cocktail: Start with a creative and appealing name for your cocktail that reflects its character or inspiration.

2. Ingredients and Measurements: List all the ingredients required for your cocktail, including specific brands if necessary, and the precise measurements for each ingredient.

3. Preparation Method: Provide a clear, step-by-step method for preparing the cocktail, including any special techniques or instructions.

4. Glassware: Specify the type of glass or serving vessel that should be used for the cocktail.

5. Garnish: Describe the garnish or decorative elements that should accompany the cocktail, along with any special presentation instructions.

6. Story or Inspiration: Share the inspiration behind the cocktail, the story of its creation, or any meaningful cultural or historical references related to the ingredients or name.

Remember to be creative, original, and authentic in your recipe submission, as these elements can help your cocktail stand out among the competition entries.


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